Where Else We Provide Our Professional Boat Repair Service

Jimmy Gross Marine Services LLC is a marine repair business specializing in complete boat repair service. Our mechanics and technicians are qualified to repair anything on your watercraft! We take immense pride in how quickly we have our customers back on the water. Unlike many other businesses, we solely focus on each client. All of our specialists are certified, licensed, and insured to ensure complete customer satisfaction and high-quality results every time.

We provide visual inspections of the engine and the other components of the watercraft for clients interested in buying new vessels or for insurance purposes. We are one of the few local businesses with mobile solutions. Our trained experts will ensure a smooth, hassle-free operation providing reliable and safe maintenance.

Established for 10 years, our business has since become a trusted name among the local boat owners. We can handle boat electrical problems and the issues with many other components of your vessel. Both mechanical and electrical issues are easily taken care of by our team. Want to learn the full list of services we provide? Dial (850) 290-4847 for more details.

And here are the towns where we travel to provide our boat electronics, electrical, and mechanical repair solutions:

Pensacola, FL

Warrington, FL

Myrtle Grove, FL

Gulf Breeze, FL

Oriole Beach, FL

Goulding, FL