When to Consider a Boat Repair Service

Ensure Your Boat Floats

While there have been many advances made in boat design over recent years, as well as in the manufacturing of components and parts, this doesn’t negate the need to take care of your marine craft at all times. Travel by water is now safer, cheaper, and more comfortable. Many new features and technologies have also been added to boats and other machines designed to work on water. Although all of these components have been built to last, proper maintenance and boat repair service is still necessary to extend the life of your beloved craft.

Failing to repair your boat, and ignoring little problems that pop up here and there, can lead to more serious problems in the future. The failure of certain key parts can produce a domino effect that can also damage the rest of your craft. Every boat comes with a very thorough instruction manual. Be sure to read it since almost all aspects of boat maintenance and repair can be found in it. The manual will also contain numerous tips on how to keep your boat in tip-top shape. Remember though that you should only undertake work that is recommended in the manual and that you are capable of performing. For anything else, you should always consult a professional boat repair service provider.

You want to follow the service schedule outlined in the owner’s manual for your marine engine, and for other systems on the boat that require service; for example, a watersports boat may need to have the water ballast system winterized at the end of the season. The same will be true of fresh water and head systems on cabin cruisers. Engine service is usually required annually or by the hours of operation and will include an oil and oil filter change, fuel filter change, check of valve clearance, and inspection or replacement of the water pump impeller. A good tech will note other areas of your boat that may need service attention to avoid trouble down the line.

As said, boats are either for practical and leisure purposes. Whatever it is for, its maintenance is very important for your safety. In Pensacola, FL and the surrounding areas, Jimmy Gross Marine Services LLC is a trusted name when it comes to boat repair service. Call us at (850) 290-4847 for inquiries.